OUr Projects

Get a quick overview of different project created together with Cyber Security Innovation.

Cloud migration strategies for financial institutes

A cloud migration strategy enables financial institutes to inform the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority, to legally migrate their on-premise servers and security to a cloud solution.

A cloud migration strategy contains everything from governance and architecture to security and compliance together with exit plans and strategies.


Automation and reporting

The cyber security threat picture project implemented a security orchestration, automation and threat intelligence solution to collect, visualize and present cyber security information to relevant stakeholders.


Log collection & monitoring

The log collection and monitoring project implemented an enhanced Security Information and Event Management(SIEM) solution and build a new security monitoring team. The new solution and team improved time to respond on security events and incidents from days to minutes.


SOC and control maturity

The project implemented two new frameworks and methodologies based on SANS 20(CIS 20) and SOC CMM.